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What I am listening to archive Oct 2012 - August 2016

Not adding any more to this page.. Just too much stuff..


 July 2016 (UK)

The thrill is gone - Garcia and Grisman..WHAT a video!!



August 2015 (UK)

SOAK - she is seriously good and VERY different. I love it.

May 2015 (UK)

Sublime neat! Ska/Reggae etc.

I like!

Decided to start using this page again!

December 2012 (UK)

Didn't really do anything in December due to the weather, apart from going through boxloads of old video tapes. I listened to SO much music, it would take too long to describe. All stuff I used to record years ago, all styles. Anyway - drawers full of more upstairs, but it takes a bit of time cleaning the tapes, as they have not been touched for about 20 years!!. That USED to be my music collection. Now running through the big TV. Great music, once you have removed all the dust/cr*p etc. Wish me luck, I only have about 200 4 hour tapes still to do. Worthwhile though! Next - The record collection which has to be digitally converted into mp3 format. Gonna be busy this year!

27/11/2012 (UK)

The QUITE amazing Dan Arborise - A real breath of fresh air in folk stuff. I really love it, but then I would, I suppose. He's taken John Martyn/Nick Drake and is continuing the tradition - and adding to it with new songs.

Try these:

Love the ditzy tunings, and looping! Enjoy! I have. Great player.

13/11/2012 (UK)

Jenn Bostic - Jealous of Angels...

Brilliant singer and songwriter - reminds me of a young Bonnie Raitt. I love it.

05/11/2012 (UK)

Rain, rain and more rain...................

29/10/2012 (UK)

Dore Previn - quite superb. I have an early album by her, that was a real influence on how I wanted to play. Try these two

'Cold Water Canyon'

and 'Mary C Brown and the Hollywood sign'

Superb writer and performer..

No prizes for guessing why I liked her so much!!! And yes, she was married to Andre Preview!!!

19/10/2012 (UK)

Still trying to get my head round Csus2 tuning. It should sound kinda like this. Being Martin Simpson helps!!!

The Granemoor Hair:

Great sound!!

10/10/2012 (UK)

Roger Miller - best known for 'King of the Road' but a true comedy great (and fine guitarist). Don't normally like 'funny' songs, but I grew up listening to this stuff. USA had him, we had Jake Thackray.. Where have all the good guys gone?

Now WHO would write stuff like this nowadays?


Dang Me - story of my life!

You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd..................

My uncle used to love me, but she died...

And a serious one - great version of 'Me and Bobbie McGee'

A TRUE TALENT! Some of the first songs I ever tried - my parents had the EP's and albums.... Respect Mr Miller!



05/10/2012 (UK)

Got the old gibbo out - weather rubbish. Playing some old rag stuff that I did years ago. Not as good as this though! But SUCH fun to play this style..

Ralph McTell - Drybone Rag. He is SUCH an under-rated guitarist!!

04/10/2012 (UK)

Forget all the sensible music stuff - YEEEHAAA.

There must be a band round here that plays that sort of music and wants a Dobro player!!! I love it! Country Dirt doin'  Big Guitar..

03/10/2012 (UK)

Having said that yesterday, I heard last night of the death of Big Jim Sullivan

and this - scroll down for a track listing..PHEW!

All contents obviously copyright of overzeal, and thanks to them for taking the time to put it on the net. Hope they don't mind me using it!

RIP Jim!!!!

02/10/2012 (UK)

The last live performance of Gary Moore doing 'Parisienne Walkways'. Now THAT is how to drive a Les Paul.. Still think Big Jim Sullivan's live version is better, but you really have to be in the same pub!!! RIP Gary. One hell of a player..

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