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What I am listening to archive Aug - Sept 2012

23/09/2012 (UK)

Jeff Beck and Jennifer Batten - Blue WInd.


20/09/2012 (UK)

Jeff Beck and Joss Stone (and Tal Wilkenfeld on bass)

'People get ready'


18/09/2012 (UK)

Josh Turner - 'Long Black Train'. Where did I put that Dobro?

16/09/2012 (UK)

Had to be T Rex really.. 'Get it on'. What a rhythm!

13/09/2012 (UK)

Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins 'Poor Boy Blues' . Oh yeah!!!!!

12/09/2012 (UK)

Have been going through my vinyl collection. Had forgotten this one..

Timbuk3 - 'Future's so bright I gotta wear shades'. Good album as well, as far as I remember...

11/09/2012 (UK)

Long story - a friend and I were trying to work out who the lady was playing piano on 'Mouldy Old Dough' by Lieutenant Pigeon - just don't ask -

From that I checked out Mrs Mills and Winifred Attwell on youtube.

Ok - three tracks from Winifred Attwell - WHAT a ragtime player, with SERIOUS attitude.

And a medley from Mrs Mills - great singalong pub player. Both of them VERY popular in the 1950's.

 Why don't they do music like that on Sunday lunchtime in pubs anymore? Certainly did in my local in London in the late 1970's. They had an old girl there who could play ANYTHING after about 6 pints of milk stout!! And we used to do a 'whoever turned up' acoustic band behind it. There was an old geezer who was the most astounding spoons player I have ever seen. Then the pub closed at two and everybody staggered home ......................... Those Sunday lunchtimes ended when that generation died. No fun any more!!!!!.  'Get us another Milk will you love?'

If any pub round here was doing anything like that - even I would turn up every Sunday.................................................................

10/09/2012 (UK)

Steve Gibbons Band - 'You can't catch me'

You don't lose it!!

08/09/2012 (UK)

John Hiatt and The Perfectly Good Guitar Band. 'Child of the wild blue yonder'

That lead guitarist (Michael Ward) is superb. Great playing - shame they don't show him on the video....

05/09/2012 (UK)

Totally wonderful sunny day down here by the water (for once)...

Listening to this through phones.. What a classic track!

Janis Ian - 'Other side of the sun'. Beautiful!

04/09/2012 (UK)

Three great live 'busking' bands. Before anybody forgets that music should be fun!

Give me some beer, a good pub and sunshine, I could listen to any of them all day..

Hot Club of Cowtown

The Loose Marbles

The Drunken Catfish Ramblers

Fun, fun, fun!

30/08/2012 (UK) - 03/09/2012 (UK)

Watching the Paralympics - sorry!

29/08/2012 (UK)

Singer with the brilliant 'Never the Bride'. I was told to listen to her,as she has a voice like Janis Joplin. Cop this with Bryan Adams.. Mmmmmmmmmmm - that is good.


28/08/2012 (UK)

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor MBE doing 'Honeysuckle Rose'

Ah - so THAT is how you play it!!! Phew.................... Respect..

Wish I hadn't heard this - gone right off guitar playing.

I thought I could play that really well after 50+ years - Maybe not!! Not even in starter league.. Ho,ho.

22/08/2012 - 27/08/2012 (UK)


21/08/2012 (UK)

Rosanne Cash and John Steuart Smith (now with The Eagles) on acoustic. 'Dance with the Tiger'. Perfect piece of guitar. I was so influenced by it, I USED to be able to play that solo.. Without the effects.. Now I have the effects and the same guitar. See you guys later. Have some memory work to do..

And another one - Roseanne Cash w/ Steuart Smith on Guitar - Green, Yellow, Red (Live on Letterman 1987)

That guy is a genius player! And yes, he does spell Steuart like that!!!!

20/08/2012 (UK)

Gypsy Kings - Hotel California - different! I love it.........

19/08/2012 (UK)

Summer has arrived - sun is out - ignored the computer..

18/08/2012 (UK)

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon. Story of my life!! (Not)

What a truly great song, eh?

17/08/2012 (UK)

Ian Dury - Billericay Dickie - live

Ok, rather rude, but hilarious!!

The man was a COMPLETE one-off. Anybody remember Kilburn and the High Roads??

Ah - The Tally Ho, Kentish Town.. Happy days!

16/08/2012 (UK)

Jan Akkerman (ex Focus) at The North Sea Jazz Festival in 2011

If you want to just see the guitar, go forward to about 5 minutes.

Holy .......... He can still play!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome.

14/08/2012 - 15/08/2012 (UK)

Playing rather than listening. Sorry...

13/08/2012 (UK)

Probably my all time favourite band.

Del Amitri doing 'The last to know'. Unfortunately, the promo video that I had has been deleted from Youtubb, but this ain't bad!

Now that guy can REALLY drive a Les Paul - and also plays great Dobro.

12/08/2012 (UK)

Three grand masters - Chet Atkins, George Benson and Earl Klugh - Black Orpheus.

Completely different styles, but it works.

11/08/2012 (UK)

Dedicated to all guitar shops that ban 'Stairway to Heaven' being played when trying guitars.. Walk in, play this, say you don't like their guitars and walk out. Ha, ha,ha.

P.s Guitar shops - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

Stanley Jorden playing..................... Guess what?

Erm.. Would you just love to be able to do it????? Tee hee .............

10/08/2012 (UK)

Joe Pass 'Summertime' - who needs a band? Phenomenal technique!!

09/08/2012 (UK)

Didn't touch the computer - Olympics again!!

08/08/2012 (UK)

Stefan Grossman - Dallas Rag.

Stefan, I wish you would attempt to make it look as if you are trying!. Remember, the rest of are mere mortals...............

07/08/2012 (UK)

Leon Redbone and Cindy Cashdollar. 'My Good Girl's Gone'

That is SO good!

06/08/2012 (UK)

Nothing! Watching Olympics!! Sorry.

05/08/2012 (UK)

Pentangle - 'Goodbye Pork Pie Hat'. Why is an old 1960's version of a classic jazz song up here??. Because. IT IS PURE MAGIC!! Ta,ta - back to Olympic viewing..

04/08/2012 (UK)

Watching Olympics all day..but..

Show of Hands - 'Exile' . Written by Steve Knightley.

How much do I love that song??? Also - anything by Show of Hands..

03/08/2012 (UK)

Nanci Griffith and Albert Lee ' The sun and the moon and the stars'. With a VERY restrained Mr Lee! Two acoustics in perfect harmony.

02/08/2012 (UK)

Albert Lee - 'Sweet Little Lisa'. Cracker!!

01/08/2012 (UK)

John Martyn - 'Easy Blues'. Don't know why he called it that. I have being trying to play it for forty years, and still can't!!!! Stunning bit of acoustic.


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