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Good Alehouses

GOOD NEWS - big placard outside saying 'We are still open for business as usual' or words to that effect.

Previously we thought it was closed.. see below.

Not good news. RIP Wyndam's.. We all had some great times down there. Will update with what is happening..

Check outthe Beer Festival in 2009, for Help The Heroes.

Everybody down the Coalie then. Mind you I thnk 99.8% of the old Sussex regulars go there anyway now. Probably explains a lot..


And now......................... The Fountain, Rowlands Castle..

Landlord - Herbie Armstrong. Music nights are absolutely the tops there, although I have not played there for some years. Herbie - great guy, and astounding professional songwriter and singer. He has the ability to 'control' a jam session with a lot of people, which is a true talent. He nods, you play, he points at somebody else, you don't play!!! Which stops everything going silly. Good PA system, last time I went there, and some really excellent musicians. Great fun, and not scarey at all!! A great chance for beginners to actually play with a good pianist/bass player/drummer etc. or just do it by themselves. 

Anybody remember Fox doing 'SSSSSingle Bed' all those years ago? Yeah that was him as well as playing with Van Morrison and shed loads of others, he wrote a big hit for Michael Ball etc. etc. etc. Great guy!

Check out Herbie Armstrong on Google......................

And the pub is magnificent - on the green at Rowlands Castle - very Midsomer... Highly recommended.

Then go to the music link..

Cheers Herbie - Dobromark, or Ry Cooder as you used to call me.................

The Coal Exchange:

Fine pub, music 'open mic' session every Wednesday 8:30. Good fun, we've played there enough!!!!!!

Then go to 'What's On'

Workable P.A. system, and enthusiastic audience!!!! Nice one Sam!

The White Horse, Westbourne:

Open Mic Night every Monday 8 p.m. I have not played up there, but my mate Nigel the singist is involved, so it will be good! Check out Nigel's tracks on my Soundclick site.

The Open Mic has been running for nearly 3 years now and continues to attract new and established artists.

In-house P.A. system.

Free food for players.

The beers, wines and food are all excellent!

see 'Our week' tab


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