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What I am listening to archive July 2012


31/07/2012 (UK)

Lynyrd Skynyrd again - 'Mississippi Kid' . Love it!!

30/07/2012 (UK)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - 'I know a little'. Written by Stevie Gaines before he joined the band, but some spectacular guitar work!. This version is much later. Best version is on 'Street Survivors', but can't find any live video on Youtubb. Still good though!

29/07/2012 (UK)

Russ Barenberg 'Through the Gates'. Gentle and so relaxing! That Jerry Douglas geezer playing 'Celtic' Dobro as well!

Hey ho - back to the Olympics. Sailing should be starting soon..

28/07/2012 (UK)

Kid Rock - 'All summer long'. Neat guitar solo..

Not that it sounds like 'Sweet Home Alabama or anything does it?? Ho,ho. Great track though.

27/07/2012 (UK)

Nothing today - too sunny!

26/07/2012 (UK)

Steve Gibbons Band. This is a bit 'sanitised' for TOTP. If you have never seen them live, then do so. Steve is still rockin' it. And also - if you do not own their album 'Caught in the Act' then buy it immediately!. One of the great albums in my opinion!

And 'Tulane'. NICE! (2009!!)

25/07/2012 (UK)

Dougie MacClean and Kathy Mattea - 'Feel so near'


24/07/2012 (UK)

Ryland P doing 'Going Back to Okinawa' - with the Chieftans!!

Bonus track 'Jesus on the Mainline' with David Lindley.


23/07/2012 (UK)

Alexi Murdoch - All of my days. I heard it on the BBC Iplayer TV Ad.

Suddenly got me back into DADGAD again this morning, with a Spidercapo 2nd fret. Actually in E not D. Will continue when the sun goes in.. Great sound..

22/07/2012 (UK)

The amazing Kathy Mattea who made the crossover from country to folk etc. Playing with some geezer called John Martyn, who wrote the song. I am joking of course.

John was one of the most talented and innovative players ever. I was lucky enough to see him in local folk clubs round here. He was the main act!! We were in awe. After he had played, I think the phase 'Follow that' was fairly accurate. First I heard using an echoplex tape looper on an acoustic (Solid Air period). Anyway try this:

'May you never', which JM wrote and the whole world has recorded.

Jerry Douglas on Dobro and Danny Thompson on bass is just the icing on the cake!!! RIP and respect, Mr Martyn. You knew how to live!

21/07/2012 (UK)

Two absolutely top musicians, enjoying themselves. Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld.

Before you ask, unless you want to be hit over the head with a bass guitar by an outraged Aussie. NO, SHE IS NOT HIS DAUGHTER!

20/07/2012 (UK)

Great track! Best comment came from Chris 'Fossy' Fosbrook (local radio station DJ)when I put it up on Faceblah.. 'Did you notice how good the drummer is?. No, neither did I..'.

Wow, that lady can seriously play.... Ana Popovic .

P.S. The above comments happen to men of a certain age.. Apparently it is called Sad Old G*T syndrome............................. Ha,ha DM

19/07/2012 (UK)

Great song - Barbara Dickson - 'Another suitcase in another hall'. Just designed for slide guitar! And only Lloyd Weber could come up with 'but I am immune to gloom' Grief!

Also - a bit of fun for people pouring into this country for The Olympics. Understanding London culture. I think it is VERY funny..

Ho, ho - DM

18/07/2012 (UK)

Fats Waller, Lena Horne, Mr Bojangles etc. from 'Stormy Weather' - 'Aint misbehavin'

What talent. Love the ashtray on the piano..

17/07/2012 (UK)

The Corrs - Toss the feathers - bit of good Irish!

16/07/2012 (UK) p.s Still continuous rain.........................

John Hiatt and the Goners - Tennessee Plates .. Sonny Landreth knocking nine bells out of a Firebird (as only he and Johnny Winter can!). Can you ever get much better than that?

Also - Sonny and Clapton playing together. Anybody who reckons that young Eric has 'lost it' up against the young guns. No he ain't. Wait for his solo........ Wish I could play like that!!!!!!!

15/07/2012 (UK)

Something to cheer me up whilst I am trying to dry the garage out after the torrential rain yesterday.......

The late and wonderful Kirsty MacColl - 'There's a guy works down the chip shop'


I NEED that keyboard player's hat............... Ho,ho

14/07/2012 (UK)

Martin Simpson doing 'The first cut is the deepest' as a resonator solo. That is just SO good!!

13/07/2012 (UK)

Great bit of blues - Sam Chatmon - and anybody who says 'I thought it was you, Dobro' gets banned from this site!!! Ho,ho. Wish I could sing like that, though.

12/07/2012 (UK)

A few by the late and great Chet Atkins.. And then one, when Chet was obviously too ill to play, but - How about Randy Scruggs then? Wow!

Rare to see Chet playing acoustic. Tonally J45 against Takamine - Guess it didn't help Takamine sales much!!!! Yes, I am allowed to say that... Mind you, have played a few great Takas, but Gibson get the gold medal.

Mr Atkins playing the Beatles. I still have my Dad's album of that, if I had something to play it on..

'Yakity Yak'. The sign of a great musician is that they can hear this without thinking of Benny Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chet and Vince Gill - both GREAT country guitarists!

And - the last one with Randy Scruggs. Chet Atkins died very shortly after that. And WHO is Anita Cochrane??? Neat!

MY TOTAL HERO from when I was about 9 years old. Dad used to play his albums all the time... Of course Mr Atkins became much more famous as a Nashville record producer in his life.. But that is another story.. DM

11/07/2012 (UK)

'Walk of life' -  Mark Knopfler and friends.

Worth watching for Paul Franklin's pedal steel solo at the end. He really CREAMS it!. Also - great sound from the J45. Smashing track.

10/07/2012 (UK)

Regarding the comments below... THIS is how to do it!! The incomparable Little Feat.

Now THAT is class!!

Ha,ha - DM

09/07/2012 (UK)

Interesting to me. Somebody (?) playing EXACTLY the same Dobro that I have, with an internal pick up. OK first bit is (IMOP) a bit boring, but wait until he does the solo in the middle. That is GOOD!! Anyway - that is what the Dob sounds like if you 'rack it up' a bit! 

I do JUST WISH that slide players would not play that 3 note Robert Johnson cycle..(YAWN!!!!) Dm. No idea who is guy is, but he is a fine player!!!  

08/07/2012 (UK)

Impressive! Robben Ford. I appear to be liking electric guitar. Hope I will get over it soon!!! Lovely bit of playing though........

07/07/2012 (UK)

Thought it was rather apt. 'Rain rain, rain' - from Dickey Bett's first solo album. I have the vinyl in front of me, but nothing to play it on now. Must buy deck to usb and record my vinyl collection... Oh brother, have I got some obscure 'records'!!

06/07/2012 (UK)

Mary Chapin Carpenter showing everybody how it SHOULD be done..

Nothin' like a good bit of cajun music to cheer people up - Down at the Twist and Shout.

Go for it girl!! Great guitar solo as well.


05/07/2012 (UK)

Dixie Chicks again.. As some of you may remember their career was virtually finished some years ago because they disagreed with America's involvement in (I think} Iraq.

They were accused of being unpatriotic and suffered personal death threats etc.

Mind you, they came back fighting, in the only way they could. The passion and vocal violence in this song is quite astounding!

Now THAT is singing from the heart!!

04/07/2012 (UK) - not Independance day here - wish it was! Always up for a party!

Bit of finger picked bottleneck resonator from Kirk Lorange..

Dead sweet!

Notice he is using a short slide, so he can use the top of the slide finger to play bass notes as well. Just one of those techniques! Nice playing though. Ha,ha..

03/07/2012 (UK)

Bit of true class. Etta James 'I would rather go blind'. Wow!!!!

All you players out there. Put slide on finger, turn up to warp factor 9, and jam along with that............

Also - could not resist it! Bit of humour (Rita Moreno and Animal from the Muppets). Dedicated to drummers everywhere, especially at open-mic sessions!!!. To be fair, not all of them, just some I have come across!!!!!

I LOVE that!!

02/07/2012 (UK)

I was GOING to put up the video, which is frankly one of the best I have ever seen, but apparently SONY own the rights to it and it has been taken off Youtube..


But - bit of old blues - Josh White doing 'Nobody knows you when you are down and out'

Josh White, and his daughter Beverly in perfect harmony. Nice solo whilst she is singing!

THAT is how to play blues acoustic, eh??

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