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What I am listening to today

Stopped updating this page in 2015. There is still some great stuff below though.

Today 12/10/15 (UK)

The Staves 'Black and White'   Rock it ladies!!!

Well good!! Lady Arebellum 'Need you now..

Today: 15/10/14 (UK)

Martin Simpson - 'The First Cut is the Deepest' on a resonator...

Oh wow!!

Today:11/10/14 (UK) 

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins doing 'Run Devil Run'

Jenny Watson is/was (?) singer with Rilo Kiley.. This is remarkably good, especially the guy on the National black resonator. As they say.. 'That's the way to do it!'

Today:09/10/14 (UK)

The remarkable 'First Aid Kit' - Two Swedish Sisters who, to be fair have spent most of their lives in The States.. Oooooh Yeah!!! Reminds me of early Dixie Chicks.. And basically you can't get much better..... Be careful.. this is a full concert, not just one track! Love it - what energy! 

 Today:08/10/2014 ( UK)

Right on it!!!! Brandy Clark.. The perfect mixture of talent, a Martin and a J45!! LOVE IT! Hope you do. 


This is really worth listening to.. Vince Gill, Albert Lee and Keith Urban all on the same stage plus lots of other stuff. Neat-oh!

Today:03/09/2014(UK) - Great track -

From Small things Mama etc. Dave Edmunds - Right rocker!!

Today:01/09/2014(UK) Back home at last after nearly 5 months in hospital.

Couple of nice tracks for starters:

Song is 'Lipstick Sunset' - John Hiatt.

First version is with the legendary Sonny Landreth on slide - Fantasic solo!!

And now the original version with Ry Cooder doing the solo.. It is rare indeed that anybody blows away Sonny Landreth, but in this case... Well I know which one I prefer. Ry Cooder's timing and tone are phenomenal!! 

Today:29/07/2014(UK) Eel Pie Island - Ry Cooder and David Lindley - great CD

Today:29/06/2014(UK) One of the new Typhoon fighters doing a display over the Goodwood FOS about 3 miles away. Unfortunately low cloud so you could hear it but not see it.. Shame.

Today:19/06/2014(UK) Travis Tritt CD. That guy is just brilliant. A true successor to Waylon Jennings!!

Today:15/06/2014(UK) Mostly nurses as I am still in hospital but have had a box full of my CDs brought in. Today Alison Krauss and Union Station Live - what a band eh??

Today:16/01/2014(UK) All old stuff which is already on the site - check the archives!

Today:21/12/2013(UK). Two ad themes.

Gemskii - Happy Christmas everybody.

Amazingly powerful ad!! And what a re-take on an old classic!!                       

Ben Lapps - Wonga guitar ad.

Whilst I am TOTALLY against Payday Loan Companies targeting youngsters. MORALLY OBSCENE!!. My opinion only, but - What a great piece of guitar from 'Mr Lowden'..

Just watch the guitar. I stress that what the above company is doing is 100% legal, but I need not agree with it. The UK Government is trying to stop it, but as usual are three weeks+ behind what is actually going on.......................

Sean Philips - Christmas Song


03/12/2013(UK) - Vivaldi Lute and Harpsichord. Smashing! Makes a change from blues and country. Here's John Williams doing some on guitar.. Wow!

Today:26/11/2013(UK) The tractors first album - superb!

Everything I've got is falling apart - yup that's me!

Live - 'Tryin' to get to New Orleans' Now THAT is a good country band!

Today:05/11/2013 (UK) Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits.

'That'll be the Day'. Best version I have ever heard.

I take it that is Andrew Gold on guitar (second solo).


Today:25/10/2013 (UK)

Ellen Woloshin - great singer in small venues apparantly. Free downloads available on her site. Do it.. well worthwhile, and here are some Youtube links.

'While my guitar gently weeps'

'Big Yellow Taxi'

Yeah! Love it, and very brave to take that one on! I worked............

Today:14/10/2013 (UK)

Nessun Dorma - Jeff Beck (album version). Neat video as well. Lets, face it, either you can or you can't - he can!!! WHAT A SOUND...

Today:08/10/2013 (UK)

More Zaz - An absolutely superb version of an old Edith Piaf song. I need some baguettes, cheese and Galoise... Never liked Piaf much, but Zaz has really nailed it!

Today: 07/10/2013 (UK)

Zaz - French, ex Parisien Street Performers. Now that singer has REAL enthusiasm!. Pleasure to listen to!! And watch. That is what music is about..

Love it!

Today: 02/10/2013 (UK)

The great John Jorgensen - mainly known as a sessions player BUT.. I first came across him on video when he was playing lead guitar with Chris Hillman et. al. in a band called The Desert Rose Band. Since then he has played with everybody - Member of The Hellecasters, toured in the Elton John Band for 6 years or so, starred in the film about Django and played guitar and now chucking out top class gypsy jazz stuff etc.etc. Phenomenal guitarist! Try some of these... and check out Wiki to find out the people he has done work for.............

'She don't love nobody' - Desert Rose Band (JJ on lead - very early)

'Runnin' - Desert Rose Band (1988) - JJ on Ricky 12.

Two from The Hellecasters - 'Back on Terra Firma and Sweet Dreams'

John Jorgensen doing Albert Lees's 'Sweet Little Lisa' - good old rocker!!!

If that didn't wake you up, you must be clinically dead!!!

And up to date (ish)

'Quick Number' on acoustic (2010) Phew!!!

And finally, John Jorgensen and Tommy Emmanuel (2006)

Is it possible to play swing better than that??????

Holy ****!!!!

Respect DM

Today: 21/09/2013 (UK)

Ry Cooder and David Lindley - Eel Island.. Brilliant!

Today: 09/09/2013 (UK)

Peter Rowan - have listened to him for years (Old and in the Way, New Riders of the Purple Sage etc.) This is quite astoundingly good. Ok, he messes up the guitar a few times, but the legend that is Cindy Cashdollar on Dobro pulls him out of it. I LOVE it!

Today:01/09/2013 (UK)

The incomparable John Prine - How do you write songs that good? Wish somebody would tell me!!!

'Paradise' - and no it is NOT Jackson Browne on the D45. Talk about a 'look alike' eh?

Today: 26/08/2013 (UK)

'Hot Tamales' - The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

GREAT stuff!! Ho,ho

Today: 18/08/2013 (UK)

Bluegrass Band 'Foghorn Leghorn'

Great musicians and totally crackers. A bit like Hayseed Dixie, also great musicians and totally crackers!!! Love it!

Today: 06/08/2013 (UK)

More JJ Cale: These two are just SO GOOD!!

'Devil in disguise'

and - 'Travelling Light'

Today: 29/07/2013  (UK)

See main page - two great losses to music:

JJ Cale and Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith - A wonderful jazz player. First book I tried learning from when I was 10 (belonged to my late Dad). A man who influenced people like Barney Kessel etc.

Try this.. only thing I can find on Youtubb, but he was HOT!!

JJ Cale - A true legend.. First of all, my favourite track that he ever did.. So relaxed! From the album Okie I think, which I only have on cassette (remember those???)

Pure magic.. He sort of designed a style of rhythm playing, which everybody since has used..

'I'll be there if ever you want me'. YEAH!!!

And with EC, who quoted him as his major influence. You can hear it in a lot of Clapton tracks - Try 'Lay down Sally' for example.. Pure JJ Cale rhythm

Not only a fantastic songwriter, but ONE MEAN guitarist as well!

'After Midnight and Call me the Breeze'. Haven't seen EC smile so much for years!!!

RIP both JJ and Johnny! Thanks for the music!!!!! DM


Stuff that I love - could be anything..

Today: 30/01/2013 (UK)

The quite wonderful Kate Rusby.. What a player, what a voice........

'Underneath the stars' . Trad folk at it's best in my opinion. Respect..DM

And another one -

'High on the Hill' - This is great, as it is about the speed of my attempted banjo playing!!

And - I believe a song by the Kinks - love her version!

'Village Green Preservation Society'

I live in a place like that!!!!  Ha,ha. Sums it up brilliantly..

And last of all...

The quite BRILLIANT John Tams, who did the music for Sharpe. A true star!!

'Over the Hills and Far Away' - with him doing it... I LOVE it!

I did warn everybody I could had gone well folky over Christmas... Ho,ho


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