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Charity sites that I support.

Direct links to sites that are of great personal importance

If you wish, and please do, donate directly to their sites.

This site will not be set up for any financial transactions.

Help For Heroes -

Also see 'Local Alehouses' on this site - Sussex Brewery. Fund raising sessions.



Most of us round here used to sail. Personally, I have never been pulled out of the water by the RNLI, but I always knew they were there had the situation occurred.

Totally funded by private donations. If you go on the water, please give as much as you can. You might need them one day!


Still doing a great job after all these years..

Canine Partners

You have to see what the specially trained dogs do to help the disabled..

Quite astounding.

GAFIRS - Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service - small and doing a great job.

Need local support, as do the RNLI! Come on you yachties out there. They might fish you out one day!!!








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