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What I am listening to archive June 2012

26/06/2012 - 01/07/2012

My router blew up - no Internet access..

Anyway!! Seems to work now.

25/06/2012 (UK)

The wonderful Jeff Healey doing 'While my guitar gently weeps' I think the phrase is 'Awesome'!!!!

24/06/2012 (UK)

Stevie Nicks - Landslide - sometimes you get something that is vocally perfect.

Two versions - First with the Dixie Chicks.

Second with one acoustic guitar and Sheryl Crowe. Can't work out which one is better!

23/06/2012 (UK)

The Pizzarellis - Sweet Georgia Brown

All you guitarists out there - everybody get that?!


22/06/2012 (UK)

Bit of swing - AFTER YOU'VE GONE- Rita Reys & Dutch Swing College Band

Great bit of jazz guitar playing. He makes it look so easy!

Mmmmmmmmmm - Nice!

21/06/2012 (UK)

Band warm up for Jo Jo Gunn - Run, run

I just LOVE the slide on that!

20/06/2012 (UK)

THIS is a cracker!! Roth and Van Halen doing 'Could this be magic?'

Actually not quite as difficult as it sounds - as long as you get the bass stuff following the vocals. It is hard to get the timing right. I attempt to play it in open E on slide.

Great fun!!!!! And use a small slide on it 'cos you've got to move around a bit quick!!!!

19/06/2012 (UK)

A very nice sunny day for once, here by the sea. This just made it better!

Israel "IZ" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole - 'Somewhere over the rainbow'. Another MAJOR talent who died far too young.

18/06/2012 (UK)

This is interesting - great band, great song. Baskery 'One horse down'

Bottleneck banjo anybody? Yes- really!!

17/06/2012 (UK)

A bit of class for a Sunday - Nessun Dorma. Jeff Beck annoyingly (to the rest of we mere mortals) proving he can play anything!! Beautiful. Why doesn't my Strat sound like that? Answers on a postcard, please.

16/06/2012 (UK)

Early Dixie Chicks doing 'Travelin' Soldier' . Dead sweet!!

15/06/2012 (UK)

Well that has blown away a few cobwebs. Nick Lowe - 'I knew the bride'

The video is absolutely classic!!

14/06/2012 (UK)

Take a song that was great originally - then 'Country rock' it.. The wonderful Florida band Sawyer Brown.

If you don't like this you must be clinically dead!!! Smokin' guitar solo. That is why God designed the Telecaster!!. Should you not have their album 'Six Days On The Road', I seriously suggest you get it. Not one bad track, in my opinion, and all very different.

 13/06/2012 (UK)

What fun! That is how to 'pub play'.. the vastly talented Paulo Nutini..

I just love that version of the track!

12/06/2012 (UK) - Tempted as I was to put 'We all live in a yellow submarine' up.. after the weather yesterday.

Bit of rag. The great and totally under-rated Ralph McTell. Ain't the complexity..

He has the sound.... And plays a J45! Also met, and had a long chat over a few - ok, a lot of beers - years ago. Smashing geezer, and great songwriter. Check out all of his albums. Never heard a bad one! And I have a lot!!!

And more recent - with the great Wizz Jones - How good is that then?. At last something I can play along with!!!!! Ho,Ho. DM

11/06/2012 (UK) - under water....................I am not joking - check the Dobromark Facebook page.. I thought I would use some time, as I can not get out because all the roads are deep flooded, to some work on Manouche chord work - Now depressed.

Never mind eh?

10/06/2012 (UK)

The second reformation of Jefferson Airplane: Featuring the amazing Grace Slick on vocals. I love the track, mainly for the guitar solo (Craig Chaquico) towards the end of the track - all the right notes in the right places!!

09/06/2012 (UK)

Anna Nalik - superb song. Sounds good with my J45 - or in fact exactly like that. Ho,ho.

08/06/2012 (UK)

Great track from Boz Skaggs - I love this one!

Also it is blowing a storm force gale down here at the moment. And I am about 500 yards from the sea. Sure cuts out the noise of the wind!!!!

07/06/2012 (UK)

Dicky Betts doing 'Ramblin' Man' live. If I could play lead electric, I would want to play like that!!! Second solo is fantastic. What you can do with two backing chords..

The guy is still a grand master! Dobro (all guitar leads hate me) Mark - ha,ha

06/06/2012 (UK)

The wonderful Rosanne Cash.. if you play Dobro, just play it and try and get as good as Jerry Douglas, huh? I love this version of the song..

That is sweet!

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