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Gold Awards for outstanding kit/services

The SpiderCapo..........

A serious bit of kit, and all for £28.99. Difficult to find in the UK, but I got mine from Amazon - basically it like a normal capo, but you can capo individual strings and leave the rest as they were - Believe me the thing works!!!

Celtic sounds, a usable DADGAD, but in E - alright I call it EGAD.... Without having to take multiple guitars in different tunings out... Also, you can flip the individual capo'd strings on and off and change tuning while you are playing. The possibilities are endless...

If you play acoustic, at that price, just buy one and enjoy!!!

Or even two.. check this out. Mindblowing.................


P.J's Guitar Centre, Southsea

Everything that a good guitar/music shop should be. I (and others round here) have dealt with them for over 16 years now, and they have always been great. AND they have a sale on at the moment! Nice to come across a shop that is more interested in what you want rather than what they are trying to sell!!!!

If you are around the Portsmouth area, or anywhere else for that matter, and have not been down there, check them out.

Good to see a real guitar shop nowadays.

All location details etc. on their website above.

Nice one George! (And thanks for the strings etc.)

Highly recommended.  DM (and others!)

Sadly closing down June 2016  Terrible shame..


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