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Will not be adding any more to this page from the below date..I am buying too many CDs!!!!


 Transferred 29/5/2016

Waiting for new Corinne Bailey Rae CD to arrive..has just GOT to be good.. It IS good..

Also: Leon Redbone's first album and 2 Eva Cassidy albums turned up .. Excellent!

Local elections in UK.. Millions and millions spent.. with hardly any changes..I give up!

Tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe cd arrived yesterday..grand..

Reunited with an old friend today..'High Country Snows' by Dan Fogelberg.. The cd has just arrived..I already had it on Vinyl, but this is easier nowadays..

Just received another blindingly good CD - 'Angelino' by Sam Outlaw.. Produced by Ry Cooder and Joachim Cooder who are on most of the tracks.. If you like country music you will LOVE this!!. Works with the J45 ok!!

Very sad - Victoria Wood died . Born a week after me - Same year..

New Vince Gill CD arrived..brilliant! (Down to my last bad habit).

Listening to Hokey Pokey - Richard and Linda Thompson..great album!

Listening to Christina Carrington - that girl can sing! (Winner of American Idol). Real old style country singer..

Listening to Rhiannon Giddens - singer, violinist, banjo player with The North Carolina Chocolate Drops.. Sounds like Buffy St Marie.. Great stuff. Remember 'Soldier Blue'?

 Nice one Major Tim Peake.. Lives just up the road, and we went to the same school! Good launch - Bon voyage and stuff!

Have just bought 'Won't be long now' and 'Versatile Heart' by Linda Thompson. Totally magnificent - just buy them!!!

The only Gales I like are in a local brewery!

Listening to 'Front Country' superb band..

Listening to James Morrison - Blowin' in the Wind..smashing..

Music - try the Staves.. I like!

Have a listen to Mudbirds Slick Blues..V good!

Try singer Joan Shelley 'Over and Even' I like!

Listening to Soak - An Irish folk singer, guitarist singing protest songs about the current Irish problems.. Smashing guitarist and very different. Highly recommended!! Have put up a Youtube link in 'What I am listening to' page.

 Also listening to Delaney and Bonnie - Comin' Home.. Ooh yeah!

Listening to Richard Thompson Acoustic Classics - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.. Phew!!!

Just heard a great duo - Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear.. Two acoustic guitars..Fabulous!

Brilliant Florence and the Machine Track on Andrew Marr. Wow that girl can sing.. About to buy the new Sonny Landreth album.. (not available until later this month)

Interesting folk band - 'Stornaway' - bit CSNY on vocals..

Recommended to listen to Sublime.. Fine - have put a track in latest 'What I am listening to archive'. Ska/Reggae..nice!

Great Band on TV - The Shires - superb! Another excellent band - Catfish and the Bottlemen..

Listening to Guthrie Trapp and The Mulekickers and The Pistol Annies.

Try Guthrie Trapp and the Mule kickers.. Shag RugBurns..

There must be some GOOD new music I can put up on the site... Ah there is!! Try Scott Bradlee - Postmodern Jukebox.. Neato! Have been recommended to like Bep and the Bop.. Love the name, will check them out...

Have bought new Texas album  - Seriously good!

I have transferred a whole load of stuff from this page to the latest news page today, so if you want to see any of the bands named please look there. Also hospital stuff transferred to The St Richards link near the end of the main

Transferred 16/6/2015

First Aid Pack on live BBC Breakfast - Just the two girls!. Love them.

Andrew Marr.. He had First Aid Pack on live.. I tipped them on this site as a band to watch in October 2014!!! Read it here first... Ho ho DM. Great harmonies and the pedal steel player is superb.

 Now then..Why did Google suddenly decide to update me to Google ******* Chrome when I didn't want it.. Now I can't add Youtube links to my favourites file.. I will work it out but why can't these companies JUST LEAVE THINGS ALONE..Bah!!

Checking out a dead good American Girl Band, Haim. Well impressed with the guitarist..

Best song of 2014 in my opinion..John Legend - All of me. Luvverly!

 UK Eurovision entry - 'Still in love with you' by Electrovelvet. I LOVE it! - very daring - We nearly came last, but never mind! Shame we could not have entered 'Pencil full of lead'... Sorry Paulo.. DM xx .. Still need DAB Radio.. Ah - dumbo (me). Have got one in the car!

Transferred 23/01/2015

In tribute to the late and lovely Linda Bellingham, listening to 'The World is what you make it' - Paul Brady - what a track!!!

Heard great swing band on TV yesterday morning. The Hot Sardines ... They did not have a drummer... the rhythm came from a guy tap dancing.. Now THAT is unusual. Fantastic sound.

Have listened to Casey Musgraves. Very good.

More people to look into - The Pistol Annies and Laura Bell Bundy..

Still listening to Wind of Change by The Scorpions.. Crackingly good solo!

Listening to The Quireboys - Had forgotten how good they were, and Maura and Pete Kennedy.. Now there is a mixture!.

Have looked into a band called 'Brishen'. Sorta Django, Gypsy stuff. Totally brilliant!. Will put up some stuff later.

See what I am listening to link.. Martin Simpson doing 'The first cut is the deepest'

Absolute definition of how to play slide on a resonator.

Have put up Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins doing 'Run Devil Run' - cop the kid playing resonator - That is great!

Have just put up a full 'First Aid Kit' concert on 'What I am listening to today'

Whoopee!! Have just bought another Dobro (real one). See my guitars page!

That is one HELL of a guitar! Just getting better and better..


Check out new link Mark Haley Boxes


Quite amazing - Begging for some new bands to listen to and then two come along.. yesterday and today. Brandy Clark (thanks Philip from Ivy Wines), and First Aid Kit. Will put them up on 'What I am listening to today'

Found three great bands recently. My Sweet Patootie (Western swing), Trio Friedrich (Django/gypsy style) and Dan Toler (Person not band!) - Played with Dicky Betts doing the second harmony line in the Allman Brothers after Duane died. Stunning!!

Really into Sister O.M Terrell. That is NOT new music. Bit like Memphis Minnie, except on slide guitar. Sing it out Sister, sing it out!

End of 2015 transfer

David Jacobs - Remember 'Juke Box Jury'? 'Oil give it a 5'!

David Frost.. Nobody quite like him. Not musical, but Loyd Grossman (who is - guitarist) paid him some fantastic compliments.

Johnny Smith - Jazz guitarist and JJ Cale... See 'What I am listening today' link if you want to hear some sounds.

Bob Brosman (legendary resonator player) died on the 24th April . The greatest reso player ever in my opinion. Only 59 as well...

 And another one - RIP the legendary George Jones..

Holy Moses - Serious snow down here today - this is SUPPOSED to be the sunny South Coast of England - Will be back when I have found the car, which I think is the largest snowy bump in the drive..... May be wrong - could be the milkman..

Sorry everybody - been off doing other things for a time! Back now after Christmas, illness etc.etc. (12/01/2013). Will get the site back and updated on Monday, if we don't get flooded.. Will this horrible weather EVER stop?? I am getting WELL bored with it. Snowing today (14/01/2013)..Deep joy! Cheers DM

Three sad bits of news - Patrick Moore , Dave Brubeck and Ravi Shankar died this week - Completely one-off human beings. Hey ho..

Off site for days - Rain has stopped - now it is sub-Arctic here... Great! Tomorrow forecast - yup. Warmer with torrential rain and risk of flooding. I give up with UK weather....

The quite amazing Dan Arborise added to 'What I am listening to' link. John Martyn, and then some. Check it out!

Whoopee! - Got the Boss RC30 working properly today. Ok, you have to save the track before you can do anything with it - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS Mark!!!

Archives now moved to the bottom of this page.

Back again - still have not sussed out Csus2 tuning!!!!! The fantastic Dore Previn added to 'What I am listening to' link - tons of stuff on Youtube. I know she is no longer with us, but has to go into the 'Dobromark Hall of Fame'

Sorry.. Have been doing other things recently...involving Csus2 guitar tuning. Now THAT is fun!!! Back again, because it is raining (again) ..

Removed Guestbook link - not doing what I had wanted.

Charlotte Yanni and Frog on the Tyne added to 'Hall of Fame'. Because I think they are brilliant!!!

John Etheridge added to 'Hall of Fame'. Smashing player!!!

New Sarah Jory Live concert added. See Hall of Fame link. 


The quite superb Canadian duo 'Madison Violet' straight into The Dobromark Hall of Fame. If they don't make it REALLY big, there is something wrong with the world!

 Have added The Simpkin Project and Katzenjammer to the Hall. Check them out! Cheers DM

 Another new track on the Dobromark Hall of Fame! (scroll down to Roy Rogers).  Bonnie Raitt AND Roy Rogers doing 'Knawin' on it' . This time I seriously give up!!!!

New addition to the Dobromark Hall of Fame: The Civil Wars - now they are different!

Will it EVER stop raining in this country??. 'Music I am listening to at the moment' back on course after a week! At last!!!!

Dongle appears to work, apart from the fact I can't SEND emails. Have updated 'Music I am listening to at the moment' with a couple of rather special things, to make up for the gap in updates!! 

Sorry everybody. I have been off the Internet for a few days, so daily updates have stopped. My router shed its mortal coil. Another one on the way. As they say - Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!! Thanks to all for listening to the site!!!! (sent from Mark Haley's laptop, which has a dongley thing on it, which is not affected by these landbound woes). Back soon. Cheers - DM

Starting to update 'My Guitars' link - at last! Also, as I was asked, have stuck an equipment (all cheap) that I use for recording. Scroll down to the bottom of the link page.

NEW LINK - 'Music I am listening to at the moment'. Tracks that I love, but too well known to go into The Dobromark Hall of Fame. I will TRY and update daily. Working so far.................................

Nothing to do with music - Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS) added to charity sites. For those of you in the Portsmouth (UK) area.

Jubilee 1000 boat pageant on The Thames. Now THAT is how to do it! Also for non-UK readers: Only here can you get circa 1 million people sitting in the pouring rain, covered in plastic sheets, drinking large quantities of alcohol and waving flags - we are a true party nation. Any time, any place, anywhere. Ho, ho DM

RIP Bert Weedon. Is there anybody out there who did not have 'Play in a day'? Mind you, 48 years later - still have not got there!!!

New June Millington acoustic track added to the Dobromark Hall of Fame.. One acoustic guitar, great voice... Nothing else. Talent??? In spades..

Two new additions to the Dobromark Hall of Fame: Old Crow Medicine Show and Ron Block (better known as the multi-instrumentalist (banjo, guitar etc.)) with Alison Krauss and Union Station.

Have  put up a quite superb track by June Millington that I had NEVER heard before - sort of post Fanny days.. I love it. See Dobromark Hall of Fame.

More additions to the Dobromark Hall of Fame..  The Gutter Brothers. Couple of tracks by Derek Trucks. Plus the June Millington track.

New additions to Dobromark's Hall of Fame.. Pokey Lafarge and The South City Three. Mean Mary - a completely awesome country player (Banjo, guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Singer, Songwriter - is there anything this lady can't do?? The Dixieland Jazz Band - music has got to be fun, or it is not worth doing. Recent inductees - June Millington and Sarah Jory - check them out - see link on the left !!! Gold Awards - SpiderCapo and P.J's Guitar Centre (Portsmouth) - see link.

Launch of Mark Haley's 'Upmarket' range of ukuleles - see link. The photos do not do them justice - they are stunning in the flesh! - see link.

Melvyn Hiscock's new book 'Make Your Own Acoustic Guitar' - A must for guitar builders and prospective builders. Highly recommended! - see link

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