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Links page to music and sites I like. This is dedicated to people I LOVE LISTENING TO, but 90% of the world have never heard of.....

Everything on this page is the property of the site owners that the link connects to, as is their copyright to all content. As are any Youtube links. This is just to point you in the right direction!

Slide/Lapsteel etc.

Cindy Cashdollar - a true legend, unfortunately who does not want to come and tour in this country. Check out the site, and a few Youtube tracks I have put on.

Some Youtube tracks...............

With Sonny Landreth - wow! Check out her solo in the middle....

And some country bits......

And some Dobro stuff with Mike Auldridge............................

There is tons of stuff on Youtube - she is a amazingly good, and always has been.. Check them out.

Also if you play slide and don't have her CD - then buy it! Ditto the teaching Dobro DVDs. I have been playing Dobro for about 16 years now, and I feel as if my fingers are glued together when I watch them!!!!!

More slide stuff.........

Roy Rogers - not the one with the horse..

Has always been a top player - again virtually unknown.

Normally seen with Bonnie Raitt.. check out some of the songs on his website.

And a taster, again from Youtube..

What a slide player!!!!!!!!!! Just HOW GOOD IS THAT?????

And then.. playing with Bonnie Raitt live. Oh my goodness!!!


Del Rey

I first came across this lady after trying to find out who played the resonator on 'Shout Sister Shout' - a tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe. How could I have missed her after all these years?. JUST SUPERB!! 

Resonator uke and resonator rag guitar. Just perfect in my opinion! Wow, I wish I could play like that!

There is tons of stuff on Youtube, but try a couple of these..............

AND - I want that little resonator guitar she plays! I think it is a Phillips Single Cone resonator.

Just bet I couldn't afford one!! Just checked - I can't!

How good is this? Who needs an audience anyway. Pure magic.

Finally - a little bit of the real Sister Rosanna Tharpe - again - tons on Youtube. Check out the solo in the middle. Possibly the first gospel singer to use an amplified SG in the early 1960's.. Great solo............................... Go for it girl!

Tommy Emmanuel

Australian guitar maestro. Now THAT is how to drive an acoustic.. Every time I listen to him I want to sell my guitars and take up stamp collecting............ Or maybe get a Maton.. Phenomenal player.

Sarah Jory

 Check out the solo (above) in the middle – WOW!!

And true feeling on an instrument…

Just added (August 2012). In Denmark live concert. Careful it is an hour long!

Great player – watch out Cindy, the English are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

 Check out all the Youtube links for Sarah Jory – they are all good, and she sings, plays guitar and is a mean mandolin player…………….

Respect - DM

The Institute for Musical Arts (IMA) - June and Jean Millington

June and Jean Millington. For those old enough to remember – the first serious girl rock band!! Fanny -  See below for the history, or check out Fanny on Youtube. I think I bought their first album in about 1971, and still have it.  Now they are running a ‘Rock school’ (very much like the TV series done in the UK with Gene Simmons (?), but to train the new generation of female rock players at the IMA. Great stuff.

 Now THAT is what I call a guitar solo!

 Up to date stuff – Superb.

 June Millington’s new site. Listen to the tracks – especially track2 – I didn’t see that one coming in the solo!!!

Linq with June Millington on guitar.

 And the above is one of the weirdest tracks and videos I have seen. Nice one!

Some old Fanny stuff (Badge) – and that track was what made me buy the album in 1971 – Give up Eric!!!

And last of all Fanny Live in around 1971 I guess - Yup, I like that. "You're the one'

 Jean is a lovely sympathetic bass player, and June has always had the ability when she does a solo to shatter all your pictures and strip the wallpaper from the wall. I LOVE IT!!

 Enjoy, and look up IMA and Fanny on Youtube

'New' acoustic track from the 70's. June Millington in the 'post Fanny' days. A class song in my opinion.

And that.. One acoustic, one voice. Best version I have heard! Who needs all the rest of the instruments?

More from the 'Post Fanny' days - June and Jean Millington. Brilliantly relaxing.

Wow, those two were good! And still are, if not better.. Respect.

How sweet is that.??

Dixieland Jazz Band 

Just because they are superb musicians does not stop them having fun. Magnificent!

Pub players of the world unite. That is what we SHOULD sound like!!!!!! Not that I am inferring that The Dixeland Jazz Band are pub players.. Hardly!

Pokey Lafarge and The South City Three

Good time Southern Music at its absolute best

Check them out on Youtube.

Here are a couple of starters - by the way, they have only done 2 albums so far, but they are both great.

Mean Mary

Can this lady play or what??? Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Violin and probably everything else!!

For all you country/bluegrass fans.

Smashing video as well.

I've recently acquired a 5 string tenor banjo. Having seen this I give up!!

And - how beautiful is this song? Ok - I grew up and live by the sea in the UK, but this song really shakes my soul!!

Nice one Mary.

Lovely stuff.

Gideon Tengker

Indonesian guitarist - talk about unknown - the web doesn't know either.

What a beautiful track - wait until it lets go in the middle..

Many thanks to June M who passed this on. I love it

Rag Mama Rag

Talk about 'good time music' - Absolutely superb. If this doesn't cheer you up, you must be clinically dead!!

I have 3 of their CD's ordered - will let you all know. I'll take the gamble that there isn't a bad track on any of them.

Have just received the CD's - gamble was correct. There is not ONE bad track on any of them!!

Their website contains details of CD's etc, as well as gig dates for their current UK Tour.

The Gutter Brothers

Quite astounding! Started off as buskers in Covent Garden as far as I know. Have just listened to their superb album 'Isometric Boogie' again.. Now THAT is good!!!!!

Here are a couple of tracks so you get the general drift about them. Will find out what they are doing now. Also tons of tracks on Youtube. Will update this. Superb musicians!!

Ok, a few tasters above to see what the do (did?)

If you don't own 'Isometric Boogie' then buy it. There is NOT one bad track on it..

Derek Trucks 

As I said he is THE slide player around at the moment. BUT - ask anybody if they have heard of him.... Nope round here..............

I just love these two tracks:

'Old friend' - I presume just mucking around with Warren Hayes - WOW!!!! That is how to do it. Respect.

And - the totally brilliant Susan Tedeschi. My Lord she is good! The only moral to this story is DO NOT let your husband (Derek Trucks) get a solo, when he has got a slide on his finger. His solo is frankly AWESOME!

Old Crow Medicine Show

I have had their CD 'Big Iron World' for years, and just re-played it. Awesome - my kind of stuff Country boys and girls................................. Try these as a 'taster'.

And this - listen to the words!!!!!

Also a great video of them playing with Gillian Welch. I have always loved the song, but this is a different take on it.


Best known with Alison Krauss and Union Station, but his playing has always astounded, and annoyed me. I wish I could play acoustic guitar like that. I wish I could play banjo like that!! A real hero of mine. Try these....... He is the one on the right.

And banjo....

Just perfect, eh????

Also, check out any of the Union Station videos..

The Civil Wars

I just LOVE different takes on well known songs. Have a look at this -

Well!!!! Also see all their other stuff on Youtube. I think they are superb.



What can I say? Probably the most exciting band I have come across recently.

Anything from trad folk to barking mad!! Try these............

Live performance of them giving it some. Check out the bass !! AND apparently they can all play all the instruments, and are totally interchangeable.

This kind of explains it..

AND NOW try this!

Tons of stuff on Youtubb, but nobody seems to have heard of them.

Brilliant stuff!!!!!! DM

The Simpkin Project

Just love that relaxed reggae sound! Listen to their music - it is great. Dead relaxing and accomplished players. Sadly based in California - not for them, but for me!!!!

That is a live one (obviously).

And recorded stuff. Great track, in my opinion. They tour all over the place, apart from the United Kingdom. Puts a bit of sunshine into an horrible rainy day!

Madison Violet

Madison Violet is a Canadian Folk Music duo composed of singer/songwriters Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac. The group has been notable for various folk and pop award nominations and wins. (Thanks Wiki!)

Welcome back folk music as it should be. Some sounds like the Dixie Chicks, others like Neil Young.

What a sound!

Great guitar mix - awesome harmony vocals.

Very Neil Young feel! Love the resonator. Tenor? Only four strings - Joe Brown plays one.

Gentle folk music as it ought to be. Now all they need is a Dobro player. Ha,ha

John Etheridge

Totally under-rated guitarist. I was lucky enough to see him several times at some  underground winebar in Bow Street in the 1980's with my ex wife, when a couple of times we were the only two people in there apart from the bar staff. I sat there with my mouth open, and filled B up with wine, because she didn't like jazz much. I also think we saw him down there with Diz Dizley? Stunning playing!

Truly great guitarist and a thoroughly nice bloke!!!

Below is more like he used to play at said winebar - by himself. Still can't work out how he did it!! It was brilliant.......

Or that!


Charlotte Yanni and Frog on the Tyne..

This is REALLY what live music is all about.

And the next one is priceless!!

How anybody could dare to take that on with just a guitar and vocals after Kirsty McColl and the Pogues is very brave. The audience are having a great time..

France/Newcastle............... Well - it works!!!

Love them!!!!

Don Kelley Band

'Ghost Riders in the Sky' - recorded at Robert's Western Wear, Nashville. Wait for the lead solo. What the guy does on electric lead is not only brilliant, BUT it is totally eclipsed by the most phenomenal piece over rockstar over-acting I have ever seen!

Give it some, Sonny!!!!

Paul Brady

The world is what you make it, from Jules Holland. Superb. Paul Brady is such a prolific singer/songwriter, that this is only an example. Tons of tracks on Youtube.

John Butler Trio

Quite astounding player. What a technique!

First off  'Ocean' - acoustic solo - LOVE IT!

And a playlist for Youtube stuff (courtesy of YouTube, not me!).  So much good stuff!!

Am I the only person who had never heard of them?

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