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Hello, everybody! The only genuine Dobromark website - Accept no substitutes. I use this to put news and bits and pieces about what we are all doing musically down here on the South Coast of the UK, by the seaside.

I stress that this is a totally non-commercial site, and NOT a recording studio. Welcome anyway! There are links which you can contact if you want a guitar nbuilt, or uke or whatever and I will put you in contact with the people I know. Plus there is a link to my favourite music sites - the coveted Dobromark Hall of Fame.. The best of the best, in my humble opinion..  Also links to local alehouses that put on music and are purveyors of fine beer in this area, local bands, charity sites and much more.

Wednesday 17th July 2019. Good start. Not directly sunny, but not bad.

Dickey Betts and Great that guy can play, but I suppose he would really...

 Also..You'all must buy June Millington 'Running' The solo on the title track is FN AWESOME!!!

 Warning..Do not buy 'Dixie Chicks boxed set' All jibber jabber, No music...


This is a music page and I will not comment on politics or religion and stuff. I can however mention 'You don't get me I'm part of the Union' by The Strawbs



Hospital stuff transferred to The St Richards link near the end of the main page.

 Important stuff:

Only 160 shopping days to Christmas.

 To St Richard's Hospital Chichester, and finally The Donald Wilson Neuro Rehab Centre - Thanks for all. 

If you wish to help this wonderful cause who help so many people, please contribute to The Donald Wilson Amenity Fund at St Richard's Hospital, Spitalfield Lane, Chichester

West Sussex PO19 6SE. It really does help!!

News Flashes:

Great site - Melvyn-Hiscock-Guitars -  Nice one Melv!! Please go on to it and click 'Like'

Other stuff:

Nigel Hoar - Vocal coach added to tabs on the front page. Seriously good.

For locals - check events... Have now put up a link to another site who are MUCH more informed about gigs round here than me!

Mark Haley Boxes. These are superb. The photos do not do them justice!

Mark Haley display cases hot off the bench. Protect and admire your prized hand made instrument! See Mark Haley Ukulele link.

More Mark Haley electric ukes. Check them out on the link on the left. Sound through an amp is QUITE awesome!

Thanks to: All the great musicians and luthiers who have been kind enough become 'friends' on the Dobromark facebook site. Some fascinating stuff.

 For other latest music news see link on the left.

The site content should be changing regularly now. I'm pretty happy with the general format, but any constructive comments would be more than welcome.

Check dobromark on Facebook.

Try the link below, if you have not done so already, for some of the music we do.





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